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introducing project :13

project : 13 is a music driven animation project created by a team of today’s coolest animators and music artists.

project : 13 animation is created by STUDIO 4°C in Tokyo and music is created in California and Tokyo by new and known music artists.

project : 13 debuts as a trilogy of three 5 minute music video / mini movies, driven by strong songs with global hit potential.

  • 1. The Sound Of Hope - due September 2012
  • 2. Alice & The Robot - due December 2012
  • 3. The Queen Of Illumina - due March 2013

each of the three “episodes” is designed to introduce a different portion of the project : 13 universe. each has a different song, story, cast and location with one central character providing the common thread between the three. when joined together, they form a greater story. a 15 minute, three chapter short film, the project : 13 trilogy.

project : 13 is based on an original mythological story, told on a grand scale, set across various time lines and locations, involving compelling characters engaged in the fight between good and evil.

inspiration for the look and feel of the project : 13 trilogy comes from a variety of sources. ancient history, science fiction, mythology, folklore, the great animation made in Japan, Europe and the USA. global music styles mixed up in our own p:13 sonic blender – with a tip of the hat to the cool animated music videos by Gorillaz and Daft Punk. we expand on these influences with our own sound and vision and use the music video format as an episodic story telling platform for the post pc age. in turn, we hope to inspire the creation of more cool music driven animation projects.

project : 13 is in production ! we’ve created the songs and stories, formed the team and provided the necessary financial and artistic resources to start – part one is nearly ready – but we need your help to complete this ambitious project and bring it to the world.

scroll down to learn more about the project : 13 trilogy, our creative team and why KICKSTARTER ? - then check out our cool rewards and pledge your generous backing to project : 13 today !

for backers only - we will take you inside to show you the processes involved in creating the music and animation with project : 13 – Go Deeper, an in-depth documentary about the making of the project :13 trilogy. created especially for you backers and featuring interviews with the creators – producers, animators and musical artists, as well as behind the scenes action in the animation studio and recording sessions. the project :13 creative process, with all its challenges and victories, presented in glorious full color HD 1080p. A “must have” for animation fans.

we will post regular updates here -

music artists will be announced soon !

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what people are saying about project :13

Danny Choo - 

“What happens when an American record producer (specifically one who produces records for the likes of Elton John and k.d. lang) sets out to produce anime by teaming up with the Japanese animation house Studio 4ºC ?

If this project is a success, this could potentially change the world of anime meaning – specifically the way anime is produced and funded – usually by a production committee who’s first priority is the Japanese market because the first item on the agenda is to recuperate all the costs involved.

If Greg can pull this off, it will show the world that you do not need to just consume what the anime business throws at you – you can make your own anime or have a say in what gets made. If you dont like moe anime (I personally do) and would like to see more of a variety of genres being made then maybe this crowd funding model will help you change things.
I’m personally very excited to see somebody making the leap to take on such a feat and fully support what Greg is doing and wish him the best of luck!”

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project :13 trilogy - the story…so far

summary, production stills and conceptual sketches

part 1: The Sound Of Hope - brings us into the project:13 story at a time, in the not too distant future, when the Earth has been conquered and enslaved by the forces of the Darmon Empire.

with the aid of a mechanical reconnaissance bird and high powered sonic accelerators – our team of heroes launch a daring mission to rescue one of their members and liberate innocent captives who are encased in saltstone by the Darmon in an underground prison.

in production now – estimated completion: September 2012

the scroll


Darmon head

Darmon distant

amber chamber

blue doors

more production stills


Temu”s Mechanical Bird / Flute

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p:13 Super Bus
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conceptual sketches for episodes 2 & 3
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project : 13 is handmade

project:13 – The Sound Of Hope – Characters

Team – Normal

Team – Turned On

Temu is the leader of the project:13 team. Charismatic, powerful, intelligent, strikingly handsome, tall and fit, with gold eyes and long natural platinum blond hair, he radiates superhuman energy, yet he is gentle and kind. A classic hero.

Temu’s origins are shrouded in mystery. He was “found” as an infant by Alice, a gifted project:13 heroine, after being guided to him by a gentle inner voice. Alice raised Temu and passed on to him the oracle, awakening him to his superhuman gifts and higher calling.

His existence fulfills the prophecy that “a child will be born, to change the flow of destruction, he will be born through the union of the divine essence of the seven northern stars and the seed of the true human being.”

Self aware, confident and eager to assume his responsibility as defender of the good, he assembled his project:13 team to challenge the evil forces of The Darmon Empire.

He is an incredible musician and master of transformation, as shown in The Sound Of Hope video. His constant companion and main device is a golden flute called GuRa, which emits sonically accelerated tones that have a weapon like effect. Temu can transform his golden flute into a mechanical bird that serves as a reconnaissance device. His Achille’s heel is when the safety of his mentor and guardian Alice is threatened. The evil Darmon try to exploit this.

Feris possesses an extremely fine tuned psychic ability, even in the most chaotic circumstances she is “cool under fire”, able to tune in and retain focus. This talent is invaluable to the project:13 team, who look to her for psychic recon.

She is a perfectly proportioned beauty, with a lean and agile body, honed by her training in martial arts and sword dance. Her neck length golden blond hair, azure blue eyes and hypnotizing gaze give her an intensely persuasive power. Often holding her subjects transfixed.

A keen sense of judgment, understanding and compassion enable her to make split second decisions, making her the perfect rescue unit leader. Trained in the healing arts she is a master at herbal formula healing.

In the project:13 music video The Sound Of Hope, Feris has been captured and imprisoned in a remote underground prison by The Darmon. She is just about to be turned to stone when she is rescued by her other project:13 team members.

In Swahili, Kokoto means “hardcore” – having an extreme dedication to a certain activity. Kokoto lives up to that definition. The project:13 team rely on Kokoto for his unstoppable energy and muscle. He is tall, super fit and striking with green eyes and natural brick red hair.

His mighty fist is made up of five fingers of funk ! In addition to being a physically strong force, he is a master slam poet and a soulful bassist. He studied the effects of bass frequencies and mastered the art of sonic acceleration.

His instrument is called The Funkivarius the design of which is said to have been inspired by Bootsy Collins after he had a dream of playing funk bass in a 17th century string quartet.

His warrior like discipline comes from both of his parents – His mother, a Maasai dancer, gave him his sense of rhythm, and his father, a Kyudo Master taught him how to use a bow. He plays his bass like a Zen Archer.

Kokoto almost never smiles, but when he does, hearts melt. He’s gorgeous !

Born into a thriving Bollywood family, Lulu absorbed the sights and sounds of life in colorful Mumbai. She learned to dance, sing and play music from an early age, eventually forming her own unique style and sound.

A very savvy goddess of soulful sound, Lulu turns us on and tunes us in to the sultry side of p:13. She plays keyboard as though it were an extension of her soul. She is a master of sonic acceleration and her palette of keyboard sounds is seemingly limitless.

With a voice that evokes the breathy tones of a bossa nova sax, Lulu’s singing can hypnotize and transfix both her admirers and her enemies.

She is feared by The Darmon for her ability to create sounds that induce a trancelike, paralyzing state. She teams with Feris for mental and physical healing.

Lulu is by nature an Animist. Animism (from Latin anima ”soullife“)refers to the belief that non-human entities are spiritual beings. Her deep belief that there is no separation between the physical and the spiritual and her respect for all things living and inanimate puts her at direct odds with the destructive forces of The Darmon. Lulu is a warrior for life and love.

Gen is the fusion of Samurai & Rock Star. A lean, mean, rockin’ fighting machine. With blue black hair, chestnut brown eyes, and a fine tuned body, he can throw shapes to rival the greatest guitar gods, …and his “swagger” is legendary.

His ancestry dates back to Masamune, the legendary Samurai sword maker from the Kamakura Period, and to the mystic warrior monks known as Yamabushi. The blood of fierce swordsmen with supernatural powers is the main ingredient in the cocktail that runs through Gen’s veins.

Although imbued with the spirit of the Samurai, he is very much “in the moment”, and of the modern world. Adept in the gadgetry, intel and fighting styles of his time. Through the implementation of Sonic Acceleration, the project:13 musical instruments become weaponry for their cause.

Gen’s guitar, which is a special edition Stratoblaster, is equipped with uni directional focus, which allows him to target certain objects with pinpoint accuracy, evoking the thrusting actions of the Samurai pole weapon, the Naginata.

Temu and Gen have devised a buddy system of offensive attack by coordinating sonically accelerated musical phrases with hand to hand combat skills, making them a formidable fighting team.

Capable of transporting the project:13 team at high speeds on land, air and water.

Equipped with onboard sonic accelerators and advanced cloaking devices, making it a formidable fighter undetectable by The Darmon Black Battalion’s Supernatural Sensory Fields.

this is how the visuals begin

project : 13 trilogy – part 2: Alice & The Robot 

in pre-production – estimated completion: February 2013

Eddie’s conceptual sketches for Alice & The  Robot

project : 13 trilogy - part 3: The Queen Of Illumina

in pre-production – estimated completion: April 2013

Eddie’s conceptual sketch for The Queen Of Illumina

although CG is used, the look of project:13 is achieved by mixing old school and new school animation techniques. 3D is not always apparent and most often used to stress a point. many images are hand drawn and the color palette is achieved by actually mixing paints. it takes a team of talented and experienced animators a considerable amount of time and energy to create this look and feel. and that requires a substantial amount of money.

Studio 4ºC - Tokyo
Studio 4ºC – Tokyo
Yasufumi Soejima - incredibly talented project:13 animation director
Yasufumi Soejima – incredibly talented project:13 animation director
project : 13 - The Sound Of Hope - storyboards
project : 13 – The Sound Of Hope – storyboards
project : 13 - The Sound Of Hope - storyboards
project : 13 – The Sound Of Hope – storyboards
Studiio 4ºC - paint
Studiio 4ºC – paint
Studiio 4ºC - pencils
Studiio 4ºC – pencils
Temu & Kokoto
Temu & Kokoto

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project : 13 creative team

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SIWA PRODUCTIONS is a Tokyo and California based company with global reach. a collaboration of three very talented individuals with a collective vision.

  • Greg Penny - record producer / composer – { Elton John, k.d. lang, Twin Trip, Poperetta } – producer and composer of music for project : 13.
  • Edward Hames - photographer / designer – concepts, character and story development for project : 13.
  • Yoshimi Ando - creator / writer of the original project : 13 story.

together, they are the creators and executive producers of project : 13 - with the participation of a carefully selected group of internationally successful and emerging music artists, animators and creative partners.

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STUDIO 4°C - Tokyo – is one of the top animation studios in the world. 4°C division Beyond C create the animation for project : 13.

STUDIO 4°C have won many prestigious awards and have provided the animation for -

the STUDIO 4°C - project : 13 team:

  • Eiko Tanaka - producer
  • Rika Hatakeda - line producer
  • Yasufumi Soejima - animation director
  • Shinji Kimura - set designer / art director
  • Michio Mihara - character designer

animation jedi !

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4d – production services, cgi, special effects

  • hidenori nomoto - producer

Rika, Eddie, Eiko, Greg and Nomoto @ STUDIO 4°C – Tokyo

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new goal - we are grateful that project : 13′s Kickstarter round 1 generated a lot of interest from a small group of super enthusiastic supporters. even though we didn’t reach our goal, we weren’t discouraged, because it confirmed that people all over the world dig the project and want to help it become a reality. That alone moves mountains.

The global interest from round 1 brought with it commitments from outside parties who will help us, on a “pledge match” basis, with a portion of the production resources that we will need to complete the project.

the new goal in round 2 is only a fraction of the original goal from round 1. how can we complete the project with only these limited funds ? although our production costs remain the same, a new more doable, maybe even exceedable, Kickstarter goal together with the ”pledge match” resources should give us the necessary funds to get the job done.

we keep in mind – animation and music of this quality, created in this way, by these great artists, is a time consuming and expensive process, but well worth the outcome.

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art meets commerce - animation is expensive, and a music driven animation project requires a considerable investment of time, energy and money to reach its artistic and financial objective. traditionally, we would seek funding for project : 13 from major entertainment companies, private investors, banks, or a combination of the above, a “production committee”, resulting in each having a vested interest, a creative opinion and control over the project. although this system has its place and often works, satisfying the interests of the group may not serve the project, which can easily lead to a creative and financial compromise for the creators, and can potentially delay or even stop the project.

KICKSTARTER provides us with the opportunity to raise the production funding we need and to retain 100% creative control of this unique project. to create it and see it through, as intended, to uncompromised success.

a lot of hard work and expertise goes into making project : 13. in addition to creating the conceptual images and scenarios, composing, performing, producing and recording the music, the visual team prepare storyboards, character development and set designs. it then takes a team of 12 animators nearly 2 months to complete the animation for each one of the three 5 minute films.

we have assembled our dream team, the best for this project. and we have been able to put in the time, energy and our own money to nearly complete part one of the trilogy. we need your help to complete production on all three parts and bring the project : 13 trilogy to the world.

by generously backing project : 13 - YOU will be helping to make it a reality. and you’ll receive some pretty cool rewards in the process. SEE REWARDS

KICKSTARTER operates on an all-or-nothing funding model where projects must be fully funded by the set day and time of the projects goal, or no money changes hands. so please, don’t hesitate ! click on the green BACK THIS PROJECT button on the right side of your screen, choose one of the cool rewards and pledge your generous backing to project : 13 today !

and… your backing can continue beyond your pledge by telling a friend, facebook, twitter – spread the word – it all helps us reach our goal, and more !

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about our Rewards

Reward 1: — A WISH FOR SUCCESS — Your name inscribed on an Ema (small wooden plaque) and placed at the Hie Shrine in Tokyo – with a wish for success for you, and of course – project :13 !

Very cool and powerful Japanese tradition !

like this -

Hie Shrine – Tokyo


a wish

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Reward 12: A TRIP TO TOKYO For 2 !!! (Some conditions apply, see below left *¥*) Above rewards + Round Trip Economy Airfare to Tokyo – Ground transportation to and from Tokyo airport – 5 Nights at The Capitol Hotel / Breakfast Included – Tokyo Metro tickets – Guided tour of Tokyo including Akihabara, Shibuya, Harajuku and Tokyo Sky Tree – Attend, as guests of honor, a special – project :13 trilogy screening party with the creators. + many more groovy surprises !!!

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

Shibuya Crossing

Tokyo Sky Tree


*¥* Conditions -

Airfare is round trip economy to Tokyo from Los Angeles – LAX (or equal cost point of departure). Cost and method of travel to / from LAX (or equal cost point of departure), from / to  backers point of origin, is backers responsibility. Tokyo airport (Narita or Haneda) ground transportation is by airport shuttle bus. Runs door to door. Very efficient and very comfortable. Accommodations at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu in Tokyo are standard room for two, king or two double beds, breakfast included. All other incidentals – mini bar, room service, telephone, in or out of hotel costs, etc… are the responsibility of the backer. Tokyo Metro tickets will be provided in the form of a pre-paid Pasmo card, also valid on buses, calculated for usage during duration of visit. Backer and co-traveler must provide scans of valid passports. Backer and co-traveler agree to allow their likeness to be used in videos and photographs for promotional and other purposes. Backer promises to be a kind and gracious guest while in Japan and to hold project:13 hosts harmless for any embarrassing behavior or damage which may result from too much of a good thing. 

Backer promises to have fun !!!

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special thanks to Ucio, Tsuge & Felix !




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